Mama Knows

I remember being the most hard-headed child-I thought I knew everything. I didn’t misbehave often but, man, it was hard to get through to me. Luckily, my dad didn’t care if I was “getting it” or not, he lectured me anyway.

Was I the only one who got lectures for a punishment?

He would say to me, “You don’t care about what I have to say now. but, one day it will all make sense.”

And as I have journeyed through adulthood I have found that to be true. Today was one of those moments. I’m about to begin a new venture and unusually, for me anyway, I’m nervous about it. I know I am equipped but, I don’t always feel confident. I keep feeling the need to have a person over me. Like, I need to be mentored first or maybe I’m just used to working for someone. Funny enough, breaking into the indie author industry I had been desperate for a mentor. I’ve prayed, reached out to women I admire and to no avail, no mentor. As I prayed and meditated on my concerns today, I thought back to a moment in my childhood. I remember being my argumentative self and saying to my mother, “well, you put Sonya in gymnastics, Eric in football, and Chennelle played basketball! Why can’t I do dance? Why won't you put me in dance?" I was infuriated and needed answers. My mother, without even looking at me or raising her voice, continued to wash dishes and said, "Peaches, those who want to dance, just dance."

I can't quite remember how I felt at the time after she said that. I do know that that statement ended the conversation and I went back to my room. Needless to say, years later I did join a dance team and I danced. I discovered that I love dance but, not enough to invest in it professionally.

Today, when I heard those words again, ringing loud in my memory, I smiled. A general interpretation would be, "those who want to do, just do” or “those who want to be, will be”. I truly believe that when you're called to do something, it won't leave you alone. And for the things you’re called to do, there’s never a correct amount of preparation that will suffice. You can plan and get things in order as much as you think you need to be but, nothing quite prepares you like jumping out there and just doing it. I could’ve wasted time and money getting “trained” to dance just to find out years later that it’s not my passion. Because if it was, I would’ve just danced and would still be dancing. I’m also learning that there are just some things nobody can teach you. There are some things you must experience and let God teach you along the way. You must trust that He will. Some things you are destined to do, nobody around you has ever done before.

I don’t know what the reasons were that my mother didn’t want me to take dance lessons but, I do know that almost 15 years later, even in her passing, she is still teaching me. She is still and will forever be my greatest mentor.

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