Plan Your Story

The best part about writing to me, is that before I publish anything, I can edit it. No matter how great or terrible my story may be, I always have the opportunity to make it better. In my last entry, I wrote about where you should start. The first point that I suggested was to "build your character". When you consider your life, you are the main character. There has been a starting point and a lot of twist and turns. When you think of the people around you, they each entered your life at a different point in your life and got to know a different version of you. The friends I made in the tenth grade, knew me as a different person opposed to the friends I made at age 25. When you're writing, consider the things that your character will experience and how those incidents would effect them. Consider the culture they live in and grew up in and how that has shaped who they are. A person born and raised in New York is going to be much different than that of a person born and raised in North Carolina. Your character has to connect with a group of people? Does she have natural hair? Is she or he a vlogger? Maybe they're an advocate for mental health. Who are they? What's their purpose? What's their agenda? What're their strengths? Weaknesses? What's their family dynamic? This isn't something you spell out from the beginning but, it's something to consider while you're writing and reveal over time. Don't get discouraged if things feel wacky or not completely making sense, that's what editors are for, my dear! Enjoy creating.

Keep your eyes peeled for next week's blog on character introduction strategies!

Happy writing!

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