Where Do I Start?

Don't know where to start in your writing? Well every great story starts with a little dreaming...Let's dream a little....shall we? You've finally arrived. You're walking red carpets. Wearing the designer gowns. Winning the awards. And now the moment you've been waiting for....that moment to sit on Auntie Oprah's couch and spill the beans chile! This is your moment to really let people know who you are! The happiness that is you and your deep wounds that are also you. This is where people truly decide whether or not they will love you or hate you or decide you're not even enough to give energy to. What questions do you want Auntie to ask to help the people learn who you truly are? Maybe even so you'll find yourself... What are you afraid of? What makes you smile? What physical features do you have that you consider flaws? Which ones do you deem beautiful? What do you want people to notice about you? What do you want people to know? When did you first fall in love with ____? Have you ever been loved? Have you ever felt love? Have you ever fallen in love? What makes you love a person or thing? What motivates you? What decisions have you made that aided your triumphs and shortcomings? What was the turning point in your life? Who are the people closest to you? Who are and has been the most influential people in your life? The answers to these questions and all questions alike, make you, you. And if they make you, you, they will also make your character who they are. This is how you learn who you're writing about. This is how you write their story. You know where they are now and why they got there and where you want them to go. You know who's around them and why. I challenge you to pick a main character. Interview him or her. Ask them these questions and so many more. Before you know it, you will have the basis for your outline. Where to start: 1. Build your character 2. Build the people closest to the character. Listen to different accents. Thought processes of people. Youtube is your friend. 3. Gather some scenery--take a few day trips to visit other cities. Look at videos online of other city, states, and countries. 4. Build your outline 5. Start writing.

Not so scary now is it? You got this! *Bonus tip* When you write, just write. Your editor will help with shaping and grammar! Enjoy telling this story!

Hope this helps! #LetsWrite

Peaches Dean Your Indie Author Guide

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