Becoming an Indie 101

So many of you have reached out to me about beginning your own journey as an independent author--for that, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting me, my voice, and my knowledge to help you along this great journey!

I want to make this first point clear to you: Can you be an independent author? YES! ANYBODY CAN BECOME AN INDEPENDENT AUTHOR.

It's truly an easy process. The question you should ask is: Will I do well as independent author?

My answer to that is YES! The answer is yes because nobody can determine success for you! If your goal is to be a bestseller and you don't make the list, then maybe you didn't succeed but even that doesn't determine the value in your work! If your goal is to reach people, help (heal) them and you do that, you have succeeded. If your goal is to entertain and one person said they laughed their socks off, you succeeded.

The major part about becoming an indie author is validating yourself. Validating yourself is what separates you from [most] of the authors that are signed to major publishing companies. Those companies give them their stamp of approval to say they are worthy. When you decide to be an independent author, you stamp yourself. On days when you feel like a failure because you didn't write a single word--you stamp yourself. When you publish your book and doubt tells you no one will read your work--you stamp yourself. When you throw your first event and think no one will come--you stamp yourself. When you have your first event and two people show up---you stamp yourself. STAMP YOURSELF. Give yourself permission to grow in your writing, to grow your voice, and grow within your journey. Here are some tips I have to help you along the writing process: 1. Meditate: generally as writers, we are normally very empathetic. We feel everything. Unless a creative bulb went off, I encourage you to de-stress through meditation before you write.

2. Journaling- one way that I get my heart and mind clear is to journal before I write. I journal about my day-my exciting wins, my frustrations, the millions of questions that I have, my dreams, my hopes, my visions, I lay it all out so when I write, I can just stick to the script.

3. Affirmations- Speak daily affirmations over yourself-especially before you write. Remind yourself of who you are and what your mission is! You're receiving this blog because you stepped out to gain something you know you needed because you know writing is a part of who you are. You cannot shy away from this gift. You are not inferior to anyone else. You are gifted. Talented. More importantly, PURPOSED.

4. Research- A few people mentioned that they feel what they are writing is a hard topic. A part of being a writer is being a forever learner. Talk to people who have been through the experiences that you are writing about. Research the topic you are writing about. Study it. Breathe it. When I wrote my first children's book about losing my mom, I knew I would eventually minister to people who experienced loss as well. I studied the five major stages of grief and learned to recognize the signs and could refer people to counselors.

5. Be excited. Your work may be heavy but, the purpose for writing it is exciting. Enjoy being broken to pieces to be a blessing to the masses. You've healed to be broken, not destroyed. There is a difference.

I hope this helps! Stay tuned for more content. Please share with your writing community. #LetsWrite #StampYourself


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