Trusting God

Many days like today, we find ourselves in a storm. Even though we are in the midst of Hurricane Hermine, she may not be the only fear among us. Even in a natural storm, I advise you not to fear because we know that the same power that Jesus had to settle the storm, also lives in us (Mark 4:39; Romans 8:11). Many of us are walking in fear daily for many different reasons. In the same way you decide to not fear the storms, you should not fear what's in front of you. Many of us are in financial storms, children are misbehaving, family is acting crazy, your co-workers have gotten on the last nerve you have and you are REEEET (ready) to blow a fuse. But I want to ask you, do you trust God? Do you trust that God will vindicate you (Isaiah 50:8)? Do you believe God will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19)? Do you believe that God will bring the peace you need into you and your families heart (John 14:27)?

Trusting God says, "I don't care what it looks like, I'm going to stand and not be shaken."

Trusting God won't look chaotic like everyone else. We who trust God, won't walk around complaining, with our heads hung low, and acting like a victim. We will lift up our weary heads and walk in the peace of God and allow His overwhelming JOY to reign supreme!

Having problems with trusting?

Examine your life. What are you feasting on? His word or this world? Are you praising or playing around? The best way I know to stand and trust God, is to stay in His word day and night (Psalm 1:2). His word is living water and refreshes us; partake of it (John 4:14).

"14 But me? I trust you, Lord! I affirm, “You are my God.” 15 My future is in your hands. Don’t hand me over to my enemies, to all who are out to get me!"

God blesss

Peaches Dean

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