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I stumbled across a list of things to give up via Instagram today. It really spoke to my heart seeing as how I have some major decisions and moves to make. I am really excited about them!

Here they go: 1. Doubting yourself: you are capable! God would not have given you the desire to do ____ if He had given you the grace and ability!

2. Negative thinking: name a negative thought that God has toward you...I'll wait. He says you are His beloved. His son/daughter. You've been redeemed. Saved. Delivered. Cleansed. Don't say anything about yourself that He isn't saying about you!

3. Fear of failure: it was in most of my greatest losses that I gained the most and learned the most. Don't look at failing as such a bad thing, you just LEARNED one more thing not to do! Ha! #optimism

4. Criticizing others: We hate when people speak what they presume to know about us so why not give others that same respect that we want? Does talking about what they are doing help you in any shape, form, or fashion? Water and de-weed your own grass!

5. Procrastination: prioritize what NEEDS TO GET DONE. We always seem to think, "I have time". Well, the time is NOW! Why are you putting it off? What else are you doing that is so important that you can't invest this time in your dreams? Don't procrastinate-be proactive!

6. Fear of success: I actually battled this. I was afraid that if I accomplished my goal, I would turn into someone I wasn't. That I was going to have to be what other people wanted me to be. During the past few years, especially the past few months, I've really come to know who I am and that will never be reshaped unless God is doing the molding. So head towards YOUR definition of success! You can do it! You deserve all the great things that God brings your way!

7. People pleasing: don't lower who you are to make others around you feel comfortable. Stay true to God and the person He made you to be. The people who are supposed to be around will be!

I hope you enjoyed this list and are encouraged by it as I was!

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