Memorable Weekend

So June 27th-29th was a major weekend for me! I was featured in the author showcase that Friday and on Sunday I did a major book signing with some local authors from Goldsboro, NC! I experienced so much love and support from family and classmates! I'm still in shock and complete awe. I believe it was a true testament of how God feels about my obedience to writing Memories of My Mommy. The highlight of my weekend was Saturday! I was honored and privileged to do a book reading with the young ladies of a great organization named, NATAI GIRL. NATAI is an organization founded by Archita Graves in the city of Fayetteville. I was able to read MOMM to the girls and ask and answer questions. To be able to share how Jesus can fill our hearts when we are broken was the high light of my weekend. To be able to empower young ladies and teach them the importance of their obedience to their mothers was amazing. I love that I was able to testify that even though I endured hardships, Jesus is always there to lift heavy burdens! If you have a young daughter, they need to be apart of this organization. Matter of fact, this is more than an organization, this is a ministry. Archita has a heart of gold is following the voice of God and taking the neccessary steps to impact this community for a stronger generation. For more information, visit NATAI GIRL on FB! God bless you all!

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