May 10, 2014 was the catapult MOMM needed. I had my very first speaking engagement and vendored for the first time!

I first have to give God glory for trusting me with this mission. MOMM is truly a God written book! I am just humbled to be an obedient servant and vessel.

The conference went great! God truly met every woman who came out. So many women were freed and delivered from things that have kept them in bondage. So many were freed from fornication, grief, mental illness, and fear.

It was amazing to see what sisters could do for sisters when we all truly pull together and consider others.

It was an amazing experience to see WOMEN read MOMM at my table and cry thinking of their mothers or their friends who needed this book. I know and trust God that He broke me for the masses. He allowed me to heal so I can help others get back to Him so He can heal them totally! This is why I say MOMM is a God book because The Holy Ghost helped me write it because He knows what others needed! He has all of us in mind...how mind blowing is that? If you haven't yet, order a copy today! If not for you, for a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker!

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