Building Up Kingdom Children

“Train up a child in the way he should go so that when he is old, he will not depart from it”-Proverbs 22:6

Parents must always remember that you are your child’s first role model. Whatever you do or say around them is a seed planted! Just because your child is an infant and may not have understanding of the things you do or say around them does not excuse what you do around them.

Imagine their eyes being a fertile ground and everything you do or say is a seed dropping into them. Now your child is five years old and cussing like a sailor and you’re wondering why? Well in the midst of them trying to get a toy back from a sibling, somewhere in their psyche they remembered that day that you were arguing with your best friend about a tool or a flat iron. They emulate what they saw you do. They think this is appropriate and the “normal” thing to do when you are trying to retrieve anything back.

Here are some ways to show and bring love, peace, and order into your home:

· Control your own emotions- your children are watching you

o Express yourself in a healthy manner. Teach your children how to express how they feel without violating another person’s feelings.

o If you have instructed your child to do something once or twice and they haven’t listened to you yet---do not spank them out of ANGER. If you are going to spank them then you should spank them the first time they didn’t listen in LOVE and CORRECTION. Not because “you are tired of repeating yourself”. This teaches our young children it is okay to hit when we are mad.

· Ephesians 6:4 fathers, don’t stir up anger in your children, but bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

o SPANKING IS NOT ALWAYS EFFECTIVE. The bible instructs us in Proverbs 13:24, “Spare the rod, spoil the child” but that doesn’t give you the green light to spank for EVERYTHING. If your child only listens to you because they fear a spanking then they have lost respect for you and you need to improve on your communication skills with them. After you have made a request of what you need accomplished it is your job as a parent to stand nearby to watch and teach them how to do the task appropriately. Not yell from the couch what needs to be done. Be involved in their learning!

· Lead by example

o Be a doer of the word

o Your children listen to your words and watch your actions. Make sure they line up!

o Be what you want to see in your children. If you want them to be healthy, you eat healthy and STOP by them fast food. If you want them to clean up more, you clean up more. If you want them to be polite, be polite to them.

o Manners are taught at home! Teach your child how to eat at the table, handle themselves in public, and use their manners.

· Make time for your children---schedule family events

o Teach your children to be diligent by making a schedule and sticking to it. Teach them the value of time by having activities lined up for them. I understand everybody may not have the finances for their child to do extra-curricular activities outside of the home but there are things you can do in the home to promote exercise and team work!

o Dinner time is a great time to build to discuss everyone’s day and mend hurtful situations that may have occurred on that day. Talk about who said and did what to one another and how it made them feel. Bring unity to your family!

We all know that children are gifts from God. Whenever God gifts us with anything it is our duty to take the best of care with it. After all, GOD trusted us with something.

Parents, you must remember that your children have not been here before and they are growing up in a different era then you did. It’s your responsibility to teach them about the things they have not yet experienced so when they arrive they will remember your word.

“Only be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves, so that you don’t forget the things your eyes have seen and so that they don’t slip from your mind as long as you live. Teach them to your children and your grandchildren.” Deuteronomy 4:9

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, God has trusted you enough to place a young child into your path. What will you do with him or her?

“but whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me—it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea” Mark 9:42

Make sure what you do in front of your children is something that helps them to build character!! Here are some great sites that have great ideas you can do with your children:

Let’s dialogue! We can help one another raise and teach our children more effectively! What are some things you need help with? What are some things you want/need to see or be improved in your child?

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