Parent Coaching 

A parent coach is a professional that gives custom support and advice to parents to help them build healthy relationships with their children.
I help create individual plans for families who are struggling in their routines, transitions, communication, tantrums, potty training, independence, and power dynamics. 

Parents pour out so much of themselves to their family, their job, their community, but who pours back into them? Who helps them to be heard? I DO! I help parents express themselves to their children in ways that their children HEAR them. I guide them to a life of effective communication with their children-- Just call me the child whisperer.

How do I know that a parenting coach is right for me? If you say yes to any of these questions, then a parent coach is right for you!

Do you yell at your children multiple times a day?
Is resentment towards your children growing every day?
Are you worried that you and your children and will not have a good relationship?

Are you frustrated that time outs, taking things, and other punishments aren't working?

Are you worried that you will look back over their childhood and not enjoy your memories?

Are you up at night thinking about what you could have done differently?

We are already in therapy, why should I hire a parenting coach?

Hiring a parenting coach is like hiring a best friend, but one that can actually help you organize and strategize instead of just empathizing. I am not your therapist. Therapists are who diagnoses you or your child. They usually, look into your past to bring about healing and this work can take weeks or years. As a parent coach, I look at your current situation, give you clarity, and show you where you can make some adjustments. As a parent coach, I use tools to help you strategize and learn skills that benefit you and your family.

What do I offer?
Support and strategies for:

  •  Temper tantrums

  •  Increasing compliance

  • Motivation for chores and homework

  •  Language shaping 

  •  Trying new foods

  • Setting boundaries

  •  Potty training

  • Hygiene routines








1:1 coaching calls are for parents who just have a question about handling a simple issue or two.  To book, click here

 "Reparent me" package is the perfect package for a multi-layered situation that will take time and accountability. In this package you get 6 sessions. In these sessions we will make room to vent frustrations, discover the root of the issue, strategize, work the strategies, and have accountability. The reparent me package is for parents who essentially want to do an overhaul on the way they are parenting their child and want to change the way they view parenting.

Parent-child relationship building calls- In this session, generally for children 5 and up, I mediate situations between you and your child to figure out how to help the both of you communicate with one another and listen to each other. 

$40 - Crash course for handling toilet training.

I am busy building more courses that are relative to your needs. Visit my store to purchase my Trumping Temper Tantrums class and my Potty Training class. Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be alerted for when you can sign up for future courses. Until then, check out my YouTube channel, my Instagram, and if you are in need of immediate help, book a one on one consultation.


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 Parents aren't born when their child is birthed. They are born through the experiences they have and the wisdom they share.

- Peaches Dean