Parent Coaching Program

A parent coach is a professional that gives custom support and advice to parents to help them build healthy relationships with their children.

Parents pour out so much of themselves to their family, their job, their community, but who pours back into them? Who helps them to be heard? I DO! I help parents express themselves to their children in ways that their children HEAR them. I guide them to a life of effective communication with their children-- Just call me the child whisperer.

Are you ready to head towards a life free of yelling? Spanking isn't working? Tired of repeating yourself? Pick one of these coaching programs to live the life you desire!

What do I offer?
I offer support, and advice regarding:

  •  Temper tantrums (flailing, screaming, hitting, biting, and eloping (running away))

  •  Increasing compliance

  •  Language shaping (For parent and child)

  •  Trying new foods

  •  Judgement free zone

  •  Potty training course



$30 - On call coaching is on the fly advice for those situations where you just don't know what to do. To book, click here

$35 - Crash course for handling toilet training.

All of our courses and programs are currently under construction and will return in January. Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be alerted for when you can sign up. Until then, check out my YouTube channel, my Instagram, our toilet training course, and if you are in need, book a one on one consultation.


Want information on Trumping Temper Tantrum Course?

 Parents aren't born when their child is birthed. They are born through the experiences they have and the wisdom they share.

- Peaches Dean

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