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The P.E.A.C.H method is super easy to implement and remember when in the midst of a Temper Tantrum. Catch the replay!

Are you:
​-  yelling?
-not feeling heard?

-Repeating yourself?
-always running behind?
- not knowing what to say or do during melt downs?

-constantly feeling like a bad parent?

You are NOT alone. And my gift to you is that you do not have to parent alone.


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"I believe

children deserve safe spaces to learn and grow."


Let's make teaching emotions and emotion regulation a peachy experience.

Does your child struggle with identifying their emotions? Maybe they struggle with regulating/self soothing? These posters are a great reminder for them AND you when trying to teach them to calm down and engage in a conversation.

[Free guide] 8 ways to say no without actually saying "no!"


phrases that help you say "no" without actually saying "no!"

Helps to decrease temper tantrums.

Provides alternatives.

Shows you care about things that they are interested in.

Parenting classes can be lengthy & the books might as well be speaking another language. You need to know how to respond to your children in real time and I am here to help. Whether you have an ongoing issue or just need guidance and reassurance for a current situation, I can help you. Book a one on one session with me TODAY!

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The P.E.A.C.H. method is seamless when handling tantrums. 

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Just call me The Potty Training Queen!


Knowing WHEN to potty train is just as important as knowing HOW to potty train! My crash course is available for purchase and get can access it whenever you want! No need to schedule a meeting and add something else to your lengthy to-do list! You're one step closer to a diaper-free life!


Creating a connection is essential for parent-child relationships. One of the ways I encourage this is through my children's books and activity books. These books create an environment that encourage active listening, heart-warming honesty, and bond that will be hard to break!

Interested in becoming an author?

Book an Indie Author Guide consultation today! In this one on one session, I take you step by step in my process of publishing my "family" books that are helping families across the globe each and every day. My books are featured in Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and BeBomb Book Club! This session can change your life and help you obtain all of your author goals! Let's get started!