Peaches Dean is the notably loving children's book author. Her goal is to unite families and help to facilitate discussions on hard topics such as grief, spirituality, and communication between parents and children. This goal is for all families, especially black families as she ensures all of her books explicitly portray black children and families.
She is a mother, sister, lover, daughter, aunt, and friend.
She is a forever learner, listener, observer, who is currently finishing her degree in Sociology and Criminal justice so that she can continue the work of advocating for children in her community. In addition to being an author, she now offers parent coaching as a service! 

"You've got it! People need to hear your voice and what you have to say. I can't tell you what it meant to me to have someone listen to me, help my daughters hear me, and to help me hear them!!"
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Wow! This was just my first call and you've given me SOOOO much information to get started! 

"Memories of My Mommy is a wonderful book for children and adults alike. This book warms your heart and makes you think of all the special people in your life. It reminds you that every moment is to be enjoyed and to make every moment count. This book deals with loss and grieving, but it also brings comfort and happiness. Memories of My Mommy provokes you to reminisce of the moments you share with the people who matter most. I recommend this for any child who has lost a mother or any adult who has lost a friend."


"I would very much recommend this product to churches, day cares, and kindergarten classes.
This book is very inspirational; it was written from the heart and from experience."


"Spectacular read! My daughter loved this book about a young girl’s search for Christ. Not too long not too short but just right! I absolutely recommend."